Cybersecurity and crisis management
Non profit organization for research and development.
Free softwares and open standards.
Crisis exercises planner
Cyber threat intelligence
Crisis management
Goals and values

Converge the needs of a community with the features of open source and powerful tools

Contribute to research and thinking in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management

Disseminate, by promoting the use of open source solutions, the values of free softwares and common goods

Respond to needs of general interest and initiate the transformation of certain trades towards more agile practices

All our products are free and distributed under Open Source licences.

We are focused on source code quality, product simplicity and user experience.

We create projects that match the needs of both private and public organizations.

We listen to the requests made by organizations that use our products.

You embrace these values ​​and would like to help us achieve our goals?
  • About Luatix We are pleased to announce the launch of Luatix, a nonprofit organization founded in early 2017 to support the research and development of open source solutions in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management. Our vocation is to provide a framework for a......