Launch of the Luatix association

Launch of the Luatix association

About Luatix

We are pleased to announce the launch of Luatix, a nonprofit organization founded in early 2017 to support the research and development of open source solutions in the field of cybersecurity and crisis management. Our vocation is to provide a framework for a passionate community and material support to build and promote their projects.

Luatix will contribute to the development of open source softwares that meets needs of general interest while ensuring that they are widely distributed. One of the first applications, the OpenEx Crisis Exercise Platform, will be distributed in a stable version within a few weeks, thanks to the work of our team and its partners.

OpenEx User Interface Repository Activity

Research and development

We believe that the world of cybersecurity, both from the point of view of the experts and the authorities, still lacks tools, attempts and community synergies. In order to support this ecosystem, we will regularly post articles from our research or development activities.

Also, Luatix may be required to offer a hosting service applications that it helps to develop, all software will be offered as a “SaaS”, in order to be able to have its own financial resources it will reinvest fully in the projects.

Already a keen interest

Unfortunately, we can not yet reveal the names of the organizations currently testing the OpenEx exercise platform, but many companies and administrations have started testing the solution and possibly using it in the medium term. We will not fail to share their testimonies once these tests are completed.

These first returns have anyway opened many perspectives and will be particularly beneficial to the evolution of this product which is already enriching the requests of these users. In the coming weeks, we will start the development of another product, thanks to the reinforcement of a new member of the association.


The whole team of the association

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